Drinkaware appoints new chief medical advisor

08 June, 2017

Drinkaware has appointed Dr Fiona Sim as chief medical advisor to chair its independent medical advisory panel and monitor the charity’s medical evidence.

Dr Sim will take up the role in November 2017 in succession to professor Paul Wallace, the current chief medical advisor to Drinkaware, who will be retiring from the role after eight years.

Dr Sim OBE, said: “Drinkaware has a unique role in providing alcohol education in the UK and, in so doing, makes an important contribution to wider efforts to reduce alcohol harm.

"I am greatly looking forward to working with colleagues across the organisation and beyond as we continue to help people make better, more informed choices about alcohol.”

As an NHS general practitioner, Dr Sim has direct experience of managing patients with alcohol related problems in a primary care setting, as well as managing alcohol related performance concerns in health care professionals.

Dr Sim has also published on the subject of alcohol from an evidence-based public health and policy perspective and has a strong track record as a medical and public health leader, both in the UK and internationally.


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