Global drinks market declines in 2016

16 May, 2017

Research conducted by Euromonitor International shows that the global alcoholic drinks market declined by 0.2% in 2016, the second year in a row the industry has depreciated.

The research unveiled that 248.5bn litres of alcohol was consumed in 2016 with Central African nations and Mexico seeing up to 8% growth in volumes while Russia, China and most of South America showed less than -1.1% growth.

Spiros Malandrakis, from Euromonitor International, reported: “A basically stagnant top line growth figure is, however, a marked improvement on the bleak performance of the previous year – primarily a result of considerably reduced rates of decline in Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe.”

The research also unveiled that AB InBev shared the largest percentage of global volume share with around 20%, more than the second and third largest companies Heineken and China Resources combined.

Further market consolidation took place in 2016, with leader AB InBev seeing its share of alcoholic drinks rise to 21.5%, mainly through acquiring SABMiller.


Nick Strangeway

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