Scotch contributes £5bn on the UK

06 February, 2015

The scotch whisky industry, adds almost £5 billion in value every year to the UK economy, according to a report commissioned by the Scotch Whisky Association.

The Economic Impact of Scotch Whisky Production in the UK report, from 4-consulting, was launched at an event in the House of Commons last week, attended by the SWA industry, members of the industry’s supply chain and politicians.

A key finding of the report is that scotch producers spend £1.8bn on suppliers, with 90% of that expenditure in the UK. The scotch whisky industry employs directly 10,900 people and supports a further 30,000 jobs across the UK through the supply chain.

SWA Chief Executive David Frost said: “The new report shows just how significant the industry is to the wider UK economy. Given the scale and impact of the industry, we believe the government should show its support and recognise scotch as a cultural asset that boosts growth and jobs and supports communities by cutting excise duty by 2% in the Budget. It is unfair on the industry and consumers that almost 80% of the average price of a bottle of Scotch Whisky is taxation.”

The event at the House of Commons was hosted by the SWA and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Scotch Whisky.

The ‘Drop the Duty!’ campaign to cut alcohol duty by 2% is supported by the SWA, the Wine and Spirit Trade Association and The Taxpayers’ Alliance.

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