Three rum producers join WIRSPA

31 July, 2014

The West Indies Rum and Spirits Producers’ Association (WIRSPA) has approved the incorporation of Hampden Estate Gold, Monymusk Plantation Special Reserve and Westerhall Vintage into its Authentic Caribbean Rum (ACR) marquee.

The new producers are produced in Jamaica and Grenada and meet all of the standards set out by WIRSPA. Including the new additions, WIRSPA now comprises 18 companies.

Hampden Estate Gold comes from the Hampden area of Jamaica, famous for being one of the island’s longest-standing producers of sugar. It is a 100% pot still rum. It is a pale rum, said to have a delicate aroma of fruit notes and a hint of apple. In the mouth, it is dry with spicy hints.

Monymusk Plantation Special Reserve also comes from Jamaica, produced by National Rums of Jamaica. It is said to be a mix of the best mature rums produced in the country. It is amber-gold colour. with spicy oak and fruit notes that give it a smoothness.

Westerhall Vintage from Grenada, is dark amber and has an aroma of caramel and vanilla with rose petals. It is a sweet, creamy rum with hints of honey, maple syrup and spiced oak.

The Authentic Caribbean Rum (ACR) marque was developed as a symbol of authenticity, provenance and quality for rums within WIRSPA. As usage of the marque grows WIRSPA hopes it will act as a symbol to help trade customers and consumers identify ACR brands. In the short term it will be used to promote the development of Authentic Caribbean Rum as a distinct sector within the drinks industry.

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