Gin Club Scotland forms

16 June, 2014

Distiller Simon Fairclough has set up the Scottish Gin Club, dedicated to nosing and tasting gins made north of the English-Scottish border.

About 70% of UK gin is made in Scotland, according to Gin Club Scotland, with Scotland boasting over 30 different varieties created across 16 distilleries.

The first Gin Club Scotland tasting went ahead on Friday 13 June in Perth, attracting around 70 enthusiasts and kicking off World Gin Day, which was the following day, while more meetings will take place in August and September.  

More information can be found on  

Fairclough, formerly marketing consultant for Johnnie Walker, Cardhu, Talisker and Jura, said: “Gin is undergoing a revival which shows no sign of abating anytime soon. Sales are growing at 12% in pubs, bars and restaurants as the Spanish trend for gin bars with extensive gin menus is captivating the UK.

“Scottish gins are showing great innovation and experimentation in their flavour profiling, gin-drinkers are reaping the rewards. Whether it’s with new artisanal brands, product variants or cocktail recipes, our Gin Club tastings will bring to life the experiential element of consumption, sharing hot tips on using different garnishes, mixers and botanicals.”

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