Pre-mixed cocktails brand Pontoon debuts

08 November, 2013


Brand agency Bamboo has made its first venture into consumer products with the launch of frozen and bottle-aged cocktails brand Pontoon to the UK market.

The ingredients of the new pre-mixed drinks include Ketel One vodka, Somerset Cider Brandy, bitters, infusions, syrups and fresh hand pressed juices.

According to Bamboo, its bottle-aged cocktails can be drunk immediately or cellared; like a fortified wine. The products are designed to be stirred over ice until cold, strained into a cocktail or rocks glass and garnished with citrus zest.

The bottled range, which is priced at £6.99 for a 100ml bottle and £29.99 for 500ml, consists of No.17 Angelica, a vodka-based herbal drink, No.51 Medici, a “New Orleans decanter cocktail”, No.31 Widow’s Kiss and No.32 Erskine, a British take on a Boulevardier.

The frozen cocktail pouches, which are £5.99 for 100ml or £24.99 for 500ml, comprise No.12 Cosmopolitan, a version of the classic, No.14 Dusk, a peach and green tea fruit martini, No.54 Gotham, a blood orange Manhattan and No.63 Tommy’s, the modern Margarita.

Simon Weston, co-founder of Pontoon, said: “We believe that hosts should make conversation, not drinks, so we’ve done all the hard work - all you have to do is enjoy the cocktail.”

“Recipes are rigorously tested, ingredients carefully selected, mixed in small batches, and bottled and labeled by hand.”


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