Calvados Boulard launches two new expressions

14 June, 2013

Calvados Boulard has launched Boulard Auguste and Boulard Extra to the UK market, through UK agent Cellar Trends.

The launches follow a boyant year for Boulard in the UK market - the brand grew sales by 20% (CT Sales Figures 2012).

Auguste and Extra are produced and aged by the Calvados Boulard cellar master, Richard Prével, using apples from Pays d’Auge.

The Calvados is double-distilled then matured in French oak barrels.

Cellar Trends' director of marketing, Terry Barker, said: “Boulard Auguste and Boulard Extra are an excellent addition to the Calvados Boulard brand, cementing its position within the premium spirits market. 

“The luxury spirits can be served neat, on the rocks, or as a quality cocktail ingredient. We’re targeting premium retailers and bars across the UK and expecting it to be a strong favourite not only with fans of Calvados but also with whiskey enthusiasts.”

Boulard Auguste is described as a “Calvados for all palates, with notes of vanilla, apple pie and nuances of grilled almonds and honey”.

Boulard Extra has been matured for seven years using “a selection of the oldest most subtle Calvados and Maison Boulard’s finest oak barrels”.

According to Calvados Boulard it has aromas of “smoke, coffee, tobacco, caramel, stewed apples and liquorice”. 


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