Dalmore releases £10,000 whisky

06 October, 2009

Dalmore has released a £10,000 single malt whisky.

There are only 12 decanters of the ‘Sirius expression’ 1951-vintage single malt whisky.

Sirius will be available to private buyers and through a limited network of World Duty Free (WDF) stores.
Dalmore’s brand director, David Robertson said: “The international market for high-end luxury products which have an investment value is buoyant - and the finest whiskies are playing an increasingly dominant role in this sector.
“Our partnership with World Duty Free allows us to reach an elite group of investors and whisky aficionados across the globe. We will be focusing on key target markets in Taiwan, USA and France.”
Sirius will be launched in the flagship WDF store at Heathrow Terminal 5.

The Dalmore’s 1951 Sirius Vintage is a single-cask, single malt whisky, with a cask strength of 45%.



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