Kojima Sohonten

Sake exports reach record highs in 2020

03 February, 2021

The exports of sake hit a record high in 2020 for the 11th consecutive year reaching a value of 24.1bn yen, a 3.1% increase on the previous year.

Kojima Sohonten, which was founded in 1597, brews junmai sake and the full-scale export of its products began in 2012.

In 2020 the brand experienced record highs with an 8.1% increase in export value and currently, Kojima Sohonten exports to a total of 19 countries.

According to the producer, the reason why Kojima Sohonten was able to grow its export value during Covid-19 was due to its collaboration with hardworking importers and distributors in each country.

“We discussed market response with our import partners during online conferences, and realised growth during the pandemic utilising such tools as virtual appearances on Instagram and commercial meetings,” said a statement released by Kojima Sohonten.

“In addition, at the sake competition Kura Master, held in Paris, we won the platinum award, which is the highest award in the category of the sake rice Dewasansan. This award represents Yamagata prefecture, and works to promote the appeal of sake evaluated by world standards.”

According to the brand’s statement, the domestic market is “sluggish” due to the pandemic but Kojima Sohonten will continue to produce its usual volumes in 2021.


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