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BCB Brooklyn launches legal support series

28 July, 2020

Bar Convent Brooklyn has launched a partnership with legal firm DiPasquale & Summers to offer support and act as a resource for the hospitality community.

The partnership includes a series of informational and educational webinars, Q&A videos and online content to help bartenders and operators throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

The series, called ’Laws & Libations served by DiPasquale & Summers' will offer practical and timely updates on the changes in legislation that are affecting the hospitality industry during the pandemic.

The series launches today (28 July) at 2pm EST with a live webinar and Q&A on how to renegotiate a lease, lower rent or obtain better terms.

Registration and access to further information is available here and following the opening webinar there will be further content and chances to interact on developing legal issues facing the industry.


Nick Strangeway

Bottled cocktails: The dos and don'ts

Pre-made cocktails have always carried a stigma, which I find odd. The romance of watching bartenders make drinks from scratch left pre-batched cocktails feeling cheap to many consumers, but lockdowns have forced this attitude to change.