03 July, 2020

Can you guess the name of the spirit that has recently managed to take the premium market by storm?

A noble spirit with an edge

It is not your trusted whiskey or the summer favourite gin, but tequila! This famous alcohol, which derives its name from the Mexican city Tequila, is quickly gaining popularity, especially in regions like Eastern Europe. Behind the unprecedented growth, there is a changing perception of tequila. From a local spirit associated with spring breakers, the agave distillate is finally appreciated for what it is, a premium and noble spirit that can be “sipped” and enjoyed.


The premiumisation of tequila is an apparent reaction from the manufacturers to the demand from the bar scene. The complex process of tequila production is heavily regulated by the Mexican government— from cultivation, harvesting and processing the plants to selling the finished product. This means that creating a premium agave distillate takes a lot of skills, time and manpower. Although these steps may seem complex, they also allow the development of craft, maintain excellence and ensure consistent quality. Tequila making is a real craft, a fact that does not escape the attention of premium spirit connoisseurs. The taste profile, however, remains a more subjective matter. Shaped by the origin, roasting, distillation and production, this versatile spirit offers a wide variety of flavours. To pick a good tequila, make sure that it is 100% agave, which means that the spirit was made without any addition of sugars from sources other than pure agave juice.

Simon Kistenfeger


This casual cocktail is an excellent alternative to the classic Moscow Mule or G&T — equally easy to handle, quick to make, and offering a fresh and robust flavour that Phum Sila-Trakoon makes it a perfect aperitif or an after-work drink. Make it authentic by using the 100% agave Altos Highland Tequila and Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit that captures the freshness, bitterness, acidity and sweetness of this fruit. To vary the classic Paloma, Simon Kistenfeger, the Global Brand Ambassador for Altos Tequila, suggests adding different types of salts, a trick that helps to integrate the region of the tequila variety. Phum Sila-Trakoon, the Global Brand Ambassador for Thomas Henry, is a fan of multicultural influences and regional twists. He recommends trying the Hamburg Paloma. This spin on the classic comes with a coarse but moderately dosed sea salt and a dill-cucumber aroma that gives the pink grapefruit lemonade an additional layer of invigorating freshness.

Phum Sila-Trakoon

The new soft drink by Thomas Henry combines the sweetness and bitterness of pink grapefruit with a pinch of sea salt. An excellent ingredient of Paloma, it can be combined with Altos Highland Tequila to add more unique dimensions to this popular cocktail.
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