Campari donates €1m to COVID-19

Campari Group donates €1m to Milan COVID-19 research centre

16 March, 2020

Campari Group has donated €1m to public healthcare institution ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco in Milan, centre of national excellence in the research and treatment of highly contagious and dangerous diseases.

Campari’s donation will help deal with patients critically affected by Covid-19 by financing an Intensive Care Operational Unit and supply a negative pressures system equipped with 10 resuscitation kits.

Italy is one of the countries most effected by COVID-19 with the entire country in total lockdown to stop the spreading of the virus.

Campari Group owns several global brands including Campari, Appleton Estate rum, Skyy Vodka, Wild Turkey bourbon and Aperol.


Nick Strangeway

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