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Flor de Caña Rum postpones Sustainable Cocktail Challenge

16 March, 2020

Participants from 40+ countries were scheduled to attend the bartending competition finale in Nicaragua that promotes the creative use of sustainable ingredients in cocktails among the global bartending community.

However, given the growing concern over the spread of COVID-19, the brand has taken the decision postpone the event until the conditions are appropriate for travel and guarantee the safety of all participants.

Judges for the event include Salvatore Calabrese, Julio Cabrera and Hannah Sharman-Cox.

Flor de Caña is a sustainably produced and Fair Trade certified rum. This certification ensures consumers that the rum is produced in compliance with more than 300 labor, social and environmental standards. 

New announcements regarding the Global Finale of its Sustainable Cocktail Challenge will be made by Flor de Caña in a timely manner.


Nick Strangeway


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