Whyte & Mackay launches whisky-based spirit drink

29 May, 2019
Whyte & Mackay Light

Whyte & Mackay Light has been launched in the UK as a “premium spirit drink from Scotland” with a 21.5% abv.

The liquid cannot be labeled scotch whisky due to the abv sitting below 40% and the product is in response to the growing trend to reduce alcohol intake.


Ruairi Perry, head of brand at Whyte & Mackay, said:

“We’re continually looking at trends in drinks and listening to our consumers across the UK.

“We see a different type of drinking occasion emerging – and Whyte & Mackay Light has been developed to satisfy that occasion.”

Whyte & Mackay Light is available now from Tesco stores across the UK with an RSP £12 and uses its existing blended  scotch in production.


Rod Gillies, head of innovation at Whyte & Mackay, said:

“With Whyte & Mackay Light, we’re using the strength of one of our existing brands to deliver an attractive option for the growing number of consumers who may be looking to keep an eye on their alcohol intake. 

“People trust Whyte & Mackay to make a great-tasting spirit and, thanks to our expert distilling team, Whyte & Mackay Light tastes fantastic – either straight over ice, or served with your favourite mixer. We think it’s a compelling addition to the spirit drink category, and we’re looking forward to introducing consumers and shoppers to it.”


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