Rabbit Hole joins Kentucky Bourbon Trail

27 March, 2019
rabbit hole kentucky bourbon trail

Rabbit Hole whiskey has become the latest American whiskey producer to join the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Rabbit Hole was founded in 2012 by whiskey maker Kaveh Zamanian and in four years now has its own 55,000 square foot distillery in Louisville.

Rabbit Hole is the 16th largest bourbon distillery in the US and has four spirits including: Kentucky straight bourbon, Kentucky straight rye whiskey, straight bourbon whiskey finished in PX sherry casks and a London dry gin.

The Kentucky Distillers’ Association (KDA) established the Kentucky Bourbon Trail in 1999, a road trip-style experience for consumers to visit the Bluegrass State’s whiskey distilleries.

In 2012, the KDA created the Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour to go alongside the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and combined, they have drawn in more than 2.5m visitors from all 50 states and 25 countries in the last five years.

On the trail, consumers can stop at any of the included 29 distilleries dotted all around the state of Kentucky.


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