First London single malt released in over 100 years

28 January, 2019
The London Distillery Company 109 Cask Edition

The London Distillery Company has released the first single malt whisky to be distilled in London for more than 100 years.

The London Distillery Company 109 Cask Edition is bottled at cask strength and was laid down on 9 September 2015 and rested for three years in  former Kings County Bourbon barrels. 

Killian O’Sullivan, CEO, TLDC said: “Whisky investment is booming and English whiskies are attracting increased attention from around the globe, particularly from Asian markets. We’re delighted to have produced another London first for whisky.”  

The whisky was double-distilled using 100% Plummage Archer malt and 1920s Distiller and Whitbread B yeast and all 109 individual casks were bought within hours of being laid down.

Prior to The London Distillery Company re-opening in 2011, the last whisky to have been distilled in London is said to have been by the former Lea Valley Distillery, which closed circa 1903.


Nick Strangeway

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