Buckingham Schenk promotes Durham

12 January, 2015

Buckingham Schenk has announced that Craig Durham is its new managing director.

The Schenk Group’s director general of international activities, Frank Hooij said: “Craig has been a key part of the management team at Buckingham for the last eight years, and has been responsible for delivering the company’s strategy to expand into new channels and product groups.

“Craig has an outstanding track record managing his team and working with customers during his time as sales director and we are confident that he will lead the company to more success in the coming years.”

Durham joined the business in 2003 as national accounts manager and became sales director in 2008. Prior to joining Buckingham Schenk he was at Constellation Wines and Kraft Foods.

Durham said: “This is a very exciting time for Buckingham as we grow into new product areas such as our recently acquired successful Prosecco facilities Bacio della Luna and continue our drive into the on-trade, while established brands such as Viñalba go from strength to strength.

He starts on February 1.


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