Budweiser Budvar announces record exports

27 April, 2012

Czech brewery Budweiser Budvar has announced record levels of exports amid volume growth of 5.5% and net profit increases of 9.2%.

The state-owned brewery, which exports around 50% of its output to around 60 global markets, sold a total of 1.32 million hectolitres in 2011, just short of its estimated 1.6 million hectolitre capacity.

The Budweise-based brewery claims to have exported the second largest volume in the Czech beer industry, representing 22% of the total market.

Having exported 652,000 hectolitres in 2011, the brand grew 7.7% by volume abroad - almost double the export growth rate of the Czech beer sector, which stood at 4%.

Budweiser Budvar’s largest export markets are Germany, Austria, the UK, Russia and the US – where the brand is called Czechvar by dint of a trademark dispute with AB Inbev’s Budweiser brand.

In the domestic market the brewer grew 3.4%, while the total Czech beer market stood at +2.7%.


Dominic Roskrow

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