Licor 43 hits the 500,000 cases mark

02 March, 2012

The Diego Zamora group has reported that its Licor 43 brand finished 2011 with sales of 500 000 cases worldwide, 4.2 million liters, which represents an increase of more than 25% over 2010.

The Spain-based family business reports that 70% of sales were in Europe and more than 23% of sales took place in theUSand Caribbean. The remaining 7% in the rest of the world.

Germanyis the largest European market of Licor 43, with sales of 140,000 cases, the equivalent of more than 1 million liters and is the indisputable leader in its segment. In its home market, Spain, and the Netherlands, Licor 43 has annual sales of 100,000 cases. 

Diego Zamora describes the growth of its citrus/vanilla-based liqueur in the US as “spectacular”. The brand is now distributed by WJ Deutsch, one of the largest distribution companies in the US

Diego Zamora says the international growth in the last few years of more than 75% makes Licor 43 the fastest growing premium liqueur in the world in its category, with presence in more than 55 markets. 


Dominic Roskrow

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