Feeling like a Harrods dummy

on 06 October, 2011

I was in a Harrods window yesterday. How did I feel? Yes, you guessed it. A bit like a dummy. Martell Cognac has taken about three windows until October 22. One window has a immense cabinet filled with all sorts of Martell goodies...

Apparently the thing costs £200,000 to buy and took 10 craftsmen and 1,000 'man hours' to make. Extraordinary. The next window has a tasting-kum-dining table and the last one has bits of Martell memorabilia in it.

Us 'dummies' did a tasting with Martell brand development brand manager Thierry Giraud. We started with Cordon Bleu, a snip at £100. Then onto XO (£130) and Création at £400, climaxing with L'Or de Jean Martell at £2,988. Absolutely gorgeous.

How the other half lives....All very interesting but I don't think I'll give up my day job for window dressing. Still, a Harrods dummy for a day. Something to tell the grand children.....


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