Master of Malt launches single malt liqueur

18 February, 2011

Whisky retailer Master of Malt has launched a liqueur made from single malt scotch whisky.

Created using sherry matured, 10 YO Speyside scotch, Master of Malt Whisky Liqueur is targeted at “single malt connoisseurs” and is priced at £26.95.

The ‘small batch’ liqueur has been flavoured with ‘Christmas spices’ including cinnamon, cloves, and two kinds of orange peel.

Master of Malt sales director, Ben Ellefsen, said:  “Our new liqueur is made with all-natural ingredients, based around an absolutely superb 10 year old Speyside single malt whisky, which was matured solely in sherry casks.”

“The flavours we added were chosen to complement the scotch, and bring it to a new level – this is in contrast to many of the mass-marketed liqueurs which use huge levels of sweetness and flavourings to hide the lack of complexity in the (often cheap, young, grain) whiskies they are based on.”

Master of Malt suggests the liqueur should be served in an ice-filled tumbler and garnished with a freshly cut strip of orange zest.

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