Papagayo Organic Fairtrade Golden Rum

27 August, 2008
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Brand owner The Organic Spirits Company

Produced in Paraguay

Size 70cl

Price £14.45 , E16 , US$28

Abv 37.5

Markets Worldwide

Contact Chris Parker +44 (0)1483 894650 ;

The Organic Spirits Company claims Papagayo is the first organic fairtrade golden rum. It is to be a single -estate rum, distilled from organically grown sugar cane harvested on a farming project in a remote region of Paraguay.

The project was launched in1993 to help around 1,000 poorly paid sugar cane farmers who now receive better prices for their cane. They also receive aid in terms of production, harvesting and transportation, as well as funds from the International Trade Fair Association

The sugar cane is crushed and the syrup extracted for fermentation. Thirty -six hours later, the syrup reaches the desired purity levels and is distilled in traditional stills. The rum is filtered and placed in special ageing barrels.


David Williams

Championing the unsung wine heroes

The wine trade can be divided into two fundamentally opposed camps. on one side, you have the romantic idealists who believe that wine is – or can be – something special, bordering on mystical: an elixir like no other, comparable to the greatest works of art.

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