Felton Road and Ata Rangi win Tipuranga Teiteim o Aotearoa award

26 February, 2010

Two of New Zealand’s best known wine producers have won the inaugural ‘Tipuranga Teiteim o Aotearoa’ which translates from Maori as “grand cru/great growth of New Zealand” award

Felton Road in Central Otago on New Zealand’s South Island and Ata Rangi in Martinborough on North Island, both widely regarded as preeminent Pinto Noir producers, have both been awarded the ‘Tipuranga Teiteim o Aotearoa’, or from the Maori, "grand cru/great growth of New Zealand" award.

The award was made this week at the grand finale gala dinner of the Pinot Noir 2010 celebration, which was attended by 700 people.

Alastair Maling, master of wine and chairman of Pinot Noir 2010, said: “The Tipuranga Teitei o Aotearoa Award recognizes those who have taken time to evolve and develop Pinot Noir. They are widely considered a premier producer of Pinot industry.

"This award is a uniquely New Zealand one, combining terroir with winemaking philosophy and consistent quality. It can only be achieved with vine age, proven wine quality, authenticity and undoubted global recognition.”

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