Bruce Willis to invest in Belvédère

06 October, 2009

American actor Bruce Willis has decided to invest in the drinks company Belvédère.

The actor is currently brand icon for the company’s Sobieski vodka.

According to a statement from Belvédère, during a visit to Paris he confirmed that he intended to invest personally and financially in the company to ‘accelerate growth of 'Sobieski' vodka, together with the Group’s other brands around the world’.

He expressed his wish to become a shareholder of reference alongside management and to be fully associated with the group’s marketing strategy. For this purpose, he will also become a member of Belvédère’s board of directors. He will be nominated at the next general meeting of shareholders.

The statement concluded: “Aware of the economic battle in which Belvédère’s management is currently engaged, Bruce Willis wants to provide his full support to the Company’s growth and wants it known.”


Nick Strangeway

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