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London bar lands pre-batched cocktails deal with Coca-Cola

24 November, 2020

North London bar Ladies & Gents has created a range of 70s-style cocktails in partnership with Halewood and Coca-Cola.

Disco Cocktails, created with support from Halewood Artisanal Spirits and Coca-Cola, are currently available online and the bar believes they represent ‘significant sales potential’ for the off-trade.

The pouches come in 100ml and 500ml sizes and feature minimal packaging with last orders for Christmas on 21 December. 

William Borrell, Ladies & Gents owner, said: “Like many bars these days, we’re constantly pivoting and adapting to survive. With these, we’ve added some sweet moves to our alcohol armoury - and given us a perfect opportunity to open up retail.”

The cocktails in the range include:

Disco Cherry Sour - Vestal Vodka with Doctor Pepper

Disco Pina Colada  - Dead Man’s Fingers rum with Sprite

Disco Pornstar Martini - Vestal with Fanta

Disco G&T - Whitley Neil gin with Schweppes tonic

Disco Old Fashioned - American Eagle 4 year old bourbon with Coca Cola


Nick Strangeway

Bottled cocktails: The dos and don'ts

Pre-made cocktails have always carried a stigma, which I find odd. The romance of watching bartenders make drinks from scratch left pre-batched cocktails feeling cheap to many consumers, but lockdowns have forced this attitude to change.