Free Spirits & Co David Zats and Asaf Ivanir

David Zats and Asaf Ivanir

Free Spirits & Co launches in Israel

22 September, 2020

A new imports and distribution company has opened in Tel Aviv, Israel called Free Spirits & Co which will focus on the craft spirits market.

The company’s portfolio includes Mancino vermouth, G’vine, Ocho Tequila, Tempus Fugit and Galipette Cider among others and co-founders David Zats and Asaf Ivanir believe Free Spirits & Co could bring something new to the local market.

“Free Spirits & Co was founded to bring a new and different approach based on close relationships with the forces driving both global and local alcohol industry,” said Zats.

“Our goal is to establish a new, up-to-date and refreshing platform for craft spirit brands in Israel.

“Our portfolio features brands that were carefully handpicked after extensive research, understanding global trends and the craft spirits movement, entirely in line with the market needs and Israeli lifestyle.

“The dream is to create a super professional platform that will provide real added value to the industry based on inspiring brands.”


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