Saltaire offers new production services to local brewers

11 March, 2019
Saltaire Brewery

Third from left: operations director, Dan Spampinato. Credit: Sal Robinson

Saltaire Brewery in West Yorkshire, England has opened its doors to support other breweries with a range of new services including contract brewing and packaging into cask, keg and bottles.

The brewery made a £1m investment towards a new 8,000 square foot packaging plant to complement its 40 barrel brewhouse and which Saltaire will now offer to other local breweries.

Dan Spampinato, operations director at Saltaire Brewery, said: “At Saltaire we’re extremely focused on quality and consistency. Being able to manage our whole production process on site allows us to take full control of every aspect of making great beer.

“We’re confident that our processes are of the highest standard and our beer is delivered to our customers in the best possible condition, wherever they are in the world.

“This was a massive project for us and the building we took over needed a lot of work to get it to the professional, SALSA accredited standard we have today.

“We’ve already expertly packaged 0.5m units of our own beers since we went live and we’re now ready to offer our high quality services to other breweries across the country too.”

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