Drinktank 'ground-breaking' for on-trade

07 February, 2018

The drinks industry’s first global intelligence network, Drinktank, has been set up to change the way brands work with the on-trade.

Drinktank has been created to allow brands to benefit from relevant insights from a worldwide collective of bartenders and bar consultants such as Alex Kratena, Monica Berg and Remy Savage.

“Drinktank is a ground- breaking step for our industry,” said Erik Lorincz, one of the first members of the collective. “By working with bartenders and industry influencers, we hope to see brands create campaigns that resonate with bars and their consumers.”

Drinktank will act as a global think tank for brands to develop and implement campaigns more effectively by delivering trade intel to brands before money is invested in campaigns.

It is modelled on a classic think tank, where groups of experts come together to develop ideas or provide advice on a particular subject. Drinktank will build bespoke briefs with brands before running it through the collective, from select groups to the entire network.

Drinktank does not make any profit from the individuals who join the global collective. 

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Nick Strangeway


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