Asahi Super Dry re-launches in UK

15 January, 2018

Asahi UK, the British subsidiary of Asahi Europe Ltd, has relaunched Asahi Super Dry to the UK markets, which will be made in the Peroni brewery, north Italy.

For the first time in Europe, full access has been granted to the comany to brew Asahi Super Dry under the same standards of that in Japan and the beer will be served using Japanese bar tap technology to ensure the beer is consistant around the world.

It is not the first time that Asahi Super Dry has been available in the UK, but in the past it was locally brewed under licence by a third party.

"It was incredibly important for us to ensure we brought that same authentic taste to the UK market," said Tim Clay, managing director of Asahi UK. 

"Therefore significant investment and comprehensive taste testing have taken place in collaboration with our Japanese colleagues. This will be the very first time British consumers will be able to enjoy Asahi Super Dry in its true form.”

Asahi Super Dry was first produced in 1987 and is brewed with Asahi yeast, hops, barley and rice and will be available in the on and off-trade.

Clay added: “When Asahi Super Dry was originally introduced in Japan, it brought an entirely new genre of beer to the country that has now gone on to become its number one selling beer.

“Its unique dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known as Karakuchi, has undoubtedly been fundamental to this beer’s success."

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