Goose Island to open first UK bar

09 December, 2016

Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Company is to open its first bar in the UK. 

The Vintage Ale House dedicated to American craft beer will open its doors in the south London neighbourhood of Balham on December 16.

Goose Island’s ‘spiritual home’ outside the States, will serve a range of barrel-aged beers and food inspired by its Midwest home.

The brand has developed a reputation across the US for innovative brews and brewing techniques since it was founded in 1988 by John Hall.

Hall said: “The Vintage Ale House will be a great focal point for Goose Island in London – a spiritual home for beer lovers to immerse themselves in our brewing history and tradition without the need to travel all the way to Chicago.

“We wanted to create a venue for the community, full of flavour, and one that would become firmly rooted in the routines of city life. And I think we have succeeded.

“We have spent the best part of 30 years honing our craft and now is the time to bring that craft to the UK - we are truly excited to share what we have created.”

Goose Island is named after an island in the Chicago River a short distance from the brewery’s HQ.


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