G’Vine announces 'Perspectives' launch

17 March, 2015

G’Vine is launching a global bartending challenge that seeks to 'pay homage to extraordinary people who look at life from unconventional perspectives.’

G'Vine Perspectives entrants must upload a video explaining the reasons for their nomination and create a unique G’Vine serve that in some ways pays homage to them.

Jamie Walker, G’Vine director of engagement said: “This is not a typical cocktail or drinks competition. It is more of a celebration of people who have inspired us to challenge convention and in some way by doing that changed our perception of how we do things for the better,”

Winners will be chosen from ten regions to take part in a ‘unique experience’ in France, hosted by brand owner Jean Sebastien Robiquet and luminaries Phil Duff, Gaz Regan and Alex Kratena. They will then embark on a five-day trip through Cognac and Paris.

Ryan Chetiyawardana has already got involved, paying tribute to Pablo Picasso.

G’Vine Perspectives launches on March 30.


David Williams

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