UK: Danny DeVito’s Limoncello lands

11 May, 2012

Danny DeVito has partnered with Design Spirits UK for the launch of his eponymous limoncello brand this month.

The brand is majority-owned by DeVito, while US importer Design Foods and the Italy-based Fagema Distillery each own a share.

It will cost £19-20 for a 70cl bottle, with Design Spirits UK expecting to sell around 3,000 9-litre cases in the first year.

Matt Ace, managing director of Design Spirits UK said: “There are two reasons why people will buy DeVito’s Limoncello. Because of Dany Devito and secondly because it is a complex, deep limoncello.

“Luxardo are doing a great job in growing the category [but] there is no limoncello in the UK market that is as good or as premium [as Danny DeVito’s Limoncello].”

More than 50,000 cases of Danny DeVito’s Limoncello were sold in New York and California during its first year of sales.

It is hoped the brand will then be launched to other “selected” international markets.

Produced at the Fagema Distillery in Sorrento, Italy from organic lemons, sugar and grain alcohol, the liqueur carries an abv of 30%.

It is presented in a “lemon shaped” bottle with a “scratch and sniff label” which is said to offer consumers “the full flavour before tasting the product”.

According to producers, Danny DeVito’s Limoncello has a “sweet lemon flavour” and is suitable for serving chilled and straight up, in a mixed drink or with a dessert.

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