Cognac scheme to support small producers

29 October, 2010

Les Compagnons du Cognac, a social enterprise designed to support and protect small and independent producers of VSOP and XO cognac, is about to be launched.

The scheme aims to widen access to cognac, encourage and educate new consumers, provide visiting opportunities to the region and support producers that lack the resources to develop new distribution markets.

To be eligible for Les Compagnons du Cognac, producers have to be family-owned and must distill cognac from vines harvested within the Grande Champagne appellation.

Organisers estimate that 100 producers distill, store and bottle their own ‘fine’ VSOP and XO cognac in Grande Champagne.

A spokesperson from Les Compagnons du Cognac said: “Our aim is to support as many of these as possible over the coming years and in doing so, help to generate income to reinvest in the communities relying on this industry.

“The vast majority are producers who have never previously found an outlet for their Grande Champagne cognac outside of France.”

Fifty per cent of profits generated will support a range of community projects including creating work for local artisans and employment opportunities for young people.


Nick Strangeway

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