US: Campari gets arty

29 May, 2009

US: Campari has announced plans to support new artists. The brand plans to support exhibitions and commissions and will continue the House of Campari programme. This includes an exhibition in Los Angeles and a new Campari commission.

Campari also plans to partner Space in New York, LAXART in Los Angeles, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

Julie Galbraith, brand manager for Campari, said: “Now more than ever, artists and organisations need brands like Campari who are bold enough to highlight and support their work, understanding the important role of emerging artists in the visual arts and their greater impact on culture.”

Campari’s art posters and creative campaigns have featured the work of Fortunato Depero, Milton Glaser, and Bruno Munari, whose original contribution is now part of the New York Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.


Nick Strangeway

The new era of Instagram earning

Trade shows – remember them? Before the world stopped we’d have attended a number of them throughout the year and be able to look down the list of recognisable guest speakers with their seminar titles. They were a source of great education which had been curated by the organisers to provide a spread of credible, engaging information.