UK: Courvoisier Cognac gets £12m boost

30 March, 2009

UK: Beam Global plans to demystify Cognac as part of a £12m investment for Courvoisier.

UK: Beam Global plans to demystify Cognac as part of a £12m investment for Courvoisier.

Plans include the launch of a new marque in September, aimed to highlight Courvoisier as a luxury brand.

Initiatives will also include recruiting new drinkers through education and the drink’s mixability potential. There will also be some focus on raising the profile of higher styles of Cognac within the range.

Courvoisier plans to continue high level of investment in marketing campaign Courvoisier The Future 500 – an online network for the UK’s rising stars. The company is recruiting the next round of stars, applications by May 17th on

Courvoisier assistant brand manager Tracey Armstrong said: “We are dedicated to driving value into the category through our higher styles and recruiting new drinkers through mixability. We will be introducing consumers to cognac through an experiential sampling programme using Courvoisier Exclusif, designed specifically for mixing, to show those who wouldn’t normally try cognac that it’s a complex, delicious spirit that works incredibly well with so many flavours.

“We also have a new training programme set to change the way we introduce Courvoisier to our customers and consumers, to be revealed later this year. The pioneering programme will simplify the category by explaining the differences between the marques in the Courvoisier range, bringing new consumers into the category.”



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