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27 August, 2008
  • The World Atlas of Wine

    For anyone interested in wine, Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson's World Atlas of Wine is a must. The sixth edition boasts 48 new pages and 200 maps , 20 of which are new . Since the 2001 edition South Africa has changed beyond recognition , Austria and Greece have become serious players and Asia is recognised as a substantial producer.

    Published by Mitchell Beazley. Price: £35
  • The Good Beer Guide 2008

    The essential handbook for beer lovers residing in or visiting the UK. The guide is essential to finding great British pubs and traditional beers by the pint.

    Guide editor Roger Protz has assiduously listed 4,500 entries along with information about opening hours, food, facilities for families, accommodation, history and locations.

    Published by Camra. Price: £14.99


Dominic Roskrow

The crazy world of the small distiller

One of the main attractions of social media is that it allows individuals and small businesses a platform from which they can shout loudly, without the need for the big-buck budgets that the global companies can call on.

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