Present Company opens in Liverpool

30 May, 2019

Simon Thompson and Jake O’Brien Murphy, who made their names at Callooh Callay in London, have opened their debut venue, Present Company in Liverpool.

Based in a two-floor site on School Lane, central Liverpool, the bar’s focus will be on warm hospitality and will cater for 70 mostly seated covers, serving cocktails, wine and beer.

The décor – a bold contrast of blue and yellow – frames an imposing bar and lounging rear of booths, tables and chairs.

The cocktails will be take the form of twists on classics. Murphy told DI’s sister title CLASS: “One thing I like to do is take old drinks that have never really worked for one reason or another and reboot them.”

The menu will change as new creations are voted in by the team, which numbers five. “Bartenders are creative people – I don’t want them confined to a few months of creativity a year,” said Murphy.

The choice to open in Liverpool was straight forward, said Thompson. “Jake’s from Liverpool and I lived here for 18 months – I’ve always loved the city. Liverpool offers no guarantee – it comes with its own challenges – but it’s a city that is fiercely proud of its independents.

"If you’re good in Liverpool you’ll be busy seven days a week. They support you like a football team.”


Nick Strangeway

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