Illva Saronno targets 1m cases of Indian whiskey

26 November, 2018
Illva Saronno

The CEO of Disaronno parent company Illva Saronno, Augusto Reina, has said they plan to reach 1m cases of Indian whiskey in the near future.

Illva Saronno is an Italian-based company which owns brands such as Disaronno, Tia Maria and a variety of other alcoholic drinks brands on top of ice cream flavor manufacturers and producers of polaroid lenses.

“India is the biggest whiskey market in the world and so we now have three brands of whiskey, close to half a million cases which we hope will soon become 1m cases,” said Reina.

“The group is very much international. The Disaronno company (Illva Saronno) makes 90% of its turnover abroad and the total overseas turnover accounts for about 60% for the entire company.”

As part of the company’s international plans it has a working relationship with Chinese wine producer Changyu.

“We have a participation in the biggest wine company in China, Changyu which is close to a $1bn company and we started this partnership 10 years ago.”

On top of Chinese wine deals, Indian whiskey expansion and the continued growth of Disaronno, Irish whiskey is also on the radar for Illva Saronno with ownership of a distillery in Ireland.

Reina added: “We are a company which has a passion for the products it makes. Whenever we expand our enterprise around the world we like to give something and take something from these partnerships.

“For example in Changyu, the fourth biggest wine company in the world, they have built a factory in China which has the capability to produce 60m cases of wine a year, and we have helped fund this. So they have been able to greatly improve the quality of its products through our collaboration.”

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