Armagnac producer plants all 10 AOC grape varieties

31 August, 2018

Caroline Rozes and her family at Domaine d’Aurensan and Chateau de Léberon have planted all 10 grape varieties legally authorised for the production of AOC armagnac.

Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche, Baco and Colombard are the most commonly used grape varieties used in the production of Armagnac, but Rozes has now added Plant de Grasse (pictured), Mauzac Blanc, Meslier St François, Jurançon Blanc, Mauzac Rosé and Clairette de Gascogne to the family's 19ha of vineyards.

Planting the older varieties has been Rozes’ project since she returned from a career in perfume in Paris and now with her parents and cousin, the family wants to maintain natural grass cover in the vineyards for the 10 grape varieties. 

The production of Domaine d’Aurensan and Chateau de Léberon armagnacs uses no water reduction, no added sugar and no colouring, but the key differences between the two estates is that Aurensan offers classic blends and vintages, with a minimum age of 15 years whereas Léberon offers solely cask strength vintages.

Rozes’s goal is to offer an armagnac that is a reflection of its year, its grapes and its terroir and she currently works with independent spirits retailers selling about 2000 bottles per year per estate.

Rozes is hoping to create a range of single varietal armagnacs or maybe a blend with the six newly planted, rarer grape varieties.


Nick Strangeway

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