Olivier Dauga unveils sustainable French wine projects

17 July, 2018

Olivier Dauga was in London on 16 July to present new examples of his projects with wine producers in Bordeaux which focus on organic conversion and sustainability.

With new projects at Univitis, Château Gros Caillou, Château Pierron, Foncadaure and Vignerons Catalans, Dauga (pictured) aimed to highlight the importance for French wine producers to invest in protecting the environment and to follow the best international examples of successful sustainable and organic wine production.

“When I first began making wine 30 years ago sustainability was considered a luxury, and organic winemaking a maverick’s dream,” said Dauga. “Today, both disciplines are practical and essential."

In 2010 Dauga launched his “Green Charter” which set out the principles of his holistic approach to consultancy and his new sustainability and organic conversion projects in France is his next step towards creating a totally sustainable French wine industry.

Dauga added: “Not all winemakers can or should necessarily become organic, but every producer must work towards complete sustainability if our planet is to continue to produce wine in all its wonderful and varied ways for future generations.

“I am totally committed to this and am actively encouraging all the wine producers I work with to develop sustainable ways of growing grapes and making wine, as well as marketing and distributing it.”

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