Carrot vodka launches in Australia

30 June, 2017

Two Australian women have created vodka made from carrots alongside winemaker Jason Hannary, which aims to reduce waste created by supermarkets.

Alice Gorman and Gen Windley said the idea came after they realised that the carrots grown by their farmer husbands went to waste if they didn’t meet supermarket standards.

Gorman said: “Every year we grow, pick and pack 350m carrots and they’re the good-looking ones. But we have cracked, marked or wonky ones that won’t travel well to chain stores.”

The two collaborated with Hannary to create a carrot vodka, which is created by reducing carrots to a stock, and then adding a Shiraz base. Each bottle contains 20% carrots and the vodka is said to have a ‘subtle’ taste of the vegetable.

Hannary added: “Not having done anything with vegetables before was a bit daunting, but after a few experiments we got a great result.”


Nick Strangeway

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