International Scotch Day – February 10

02 February, 2017

Diageo has announced the launch of International Scotch Day, Friday February 10.

Despite various search engines saying National Scotch Day or Scotch Whisky day is July 27, Diageo is launching International Scotch Day. So, we will have to drink scotch a week tomorrow...

The company, which is the world's largest producer of scotch whisky is opening up its scotch whisky archive and its distilleries that are open to the public. Entry fees wont be charged on February 10.

Head of whisky outreach, Dr Nick Morgan told Drinks International that this is an initiative to “reach out to people who are not in the world of scotch, namely Millennials, to recruit and re-recruit.”

To get to the unengaged, Diageo, with brands such as Johnnie Walker, Haig, Buchanan’s, Black & White, White House, Bell’s, is going to use social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter et al., with:, @lovescotch and #LoveScotch

The Diageo scotch whisky archive lies in its operation in Menstrie, near Stirling in Scotland. Morgan told DI that interested parties will have to pre-book slots to access and study the archive.

The hope is that the Diageo workforce of approximately 30,000 will be mobilised and energised to become ambassadors for scotch whisky.

The aim is to get over the message that: ‘Scotch is cool’.

Make a note.

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