What Brexit means for scotch

03 August, 2016

4.  “So the Scotch Whisky industry priorities are as follows:

- A UK trade policy that is as open and free trading as possible;

- Broad clarity on the nature of the future arrangement that is sought with the EU, so we know how much new legislation to expect;

- Agreement with the EU on practical arrangements enabling us to export scotch whisky to and across Europe as simply as possible.  We will also need new UK legislation for customs enforcement and interception of counterfeit goods;

- Existing FTAs’ provisions to be subject to transitional arrangements, or to be ‘grandfathered’ (ie continue application to the UK after Brexit). This will need an understanding with the EU and with the third countries concerned;

- Over the medium term, UK development of its own network of trade agreements with non-EU countries;

- Reflection on a new excise duty regime that is fairer to Scotch Whisky and taxes alcohol more rationally across categories; and

- No further burdens on business at such a sensitive time.

“We urge government in Edinburgh and London to work closely with us and to put in place mechanisms that allow vital industries such as scotch whisky a seat at the table,” says the SWA.

SWA chief executive David Frost (pictured), said: “Scotch whisky is one of the UK’s most successful exports. We are calling on the UK Government to bring clarity to the transition to Brexit as soon as possible, and to negotiate to ensure that the current open trading environment is not affected.

“Finding practical ways forward on export practicalities and on free trade agreements should be high on the agenda as negotiations begin in the coming months. We plan to play an active role in influencing this whole process to ensure that Scotch remains a product enjoyed across the globe,” said Frost.


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