US West Coast wine regions join up

14 November, 2013

The US West Coast wine regions of California, Oregon and Washington State are to collaborate in 2014 for their UK annual tastings. 

California Wines’ Annual Tasting on Monday March 17 at Westminster’s QEII Conference Centre in London will include the wines of Washington State and Oregon, whose own tasting has previously taken place in January.

Wine Institute of California’s UK director, John McLaren, said: “We felt that the synergy between the three US West Coast regions made the decision to exhibit together really a ‘no-brainer’. Pressure on people’s time and budgets means that one tasting, in one place, at one time makes great sense for wineries, importers and trade buyers.”
Rob Andersen, marketing director for Washington State Wine Commission, said “There is good enthusiasm from Washington State wine folks for the collaboration, so we're looking forward to a great new London event.”
Oregon Wine Board’s marketing director, Dewey Weddington, said: “We have built momentum for Oregon wines in the UK over the past seven years and it seems like it’s the right time to take the next steps. We are very excited about this new development.”


Dominic Roskrow

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