New Champagne website

14 June, 2013

The Comité Champagne (the educational and promotional arm of The Champagne Houses & Growers’ Association) has launched its new official Champagne website:

The website is an online portal for everything Champagne related and means that anyone can access Champagne information whenever their needs suit. Visitors can discover the Champagne region and its wines and access Champagne news stories and updates.

The pages comprise:

- The Comité Champagne: this section provides a summary of the organisation’s purpose and objectives, inviting visitors to discover the 16 Champagne bureaux located around the world;

- Terroir & Appellation: this allows users to learn more about the Champagne terroir, and delve further into the history of the Champagne vineyards and appellation;

- From Vine to Wine: an overview of the wine-making process including harvesting, fermentation and blending;

- Tasting & Appreciation: this takes visitors on an interactive Champagne journey through Champagne styles and provides tips on how to serve, taste and store Champagne;

- Discover the Region: specifically designed for people who want to explore the Champagne region and its wines, this guide shows users the five main Champagne production areas, with a special events calendar and wine trail recommendations;

- The Economy of Champagne: up-to-date Champagne information including year-end Champagne shipment figures broken down by market and category, and key market statistics

Champagne Bureau UK director, Françoise Peretti, said: “The new website is a great platform to inform wine trade professionals, the media and consumers alike on the wines of Champagne and their provenance. This provides a useful tool to conduct our educational activities, whether they are traditional or digital.”

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