Micheal Cox is new Vintners’ master

18 July, 2012

Michael Cox, has been installed as the 518th Master of the Worshipful Company of Vintners for the forthcoming year.

The Vintners’ is one of the City of London’s oldest livery companies receiving its first Royal Charter in 1363.  Its hall in Upper Thames Street, London is often referred to as ‘the spiritual home of the (UK) wine trade’.

Cox has been in the wine trade for more than 40 years and his family’s connection with wine spans more than 200 years. His uncle Guy Gordon Clark was master vintner in 1989. He said: “Not only is this a great honour for me, but as we approach our 650th anniversary, I look forward to ensuring the Vintners’ Livery Company becomes ever closer to our vibrant trade”.

Cox is currently director Europe for Wines of Chile, the generic body that represents the Chilean wine trade.


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