Menu of the month: Happy Accidents by The Clumsies

27 July, 2023

The Clumsies is an icon of the European cocktail scene. Since Vasilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis opened the bar in 2014, it has been the birthplace of a number of legendary cocktails, such as the Greek salad-inspired Mediterranean Gimlet and the electric blue Aegean Negroni. 

The bar’s latest menu takes its inspiration from the happy accidents that lead to unexpected moments of inspiration or creativity.

“Our new menu is based on everyday life itself,” says Georgia Georgakopoulou, bar manager at The Clumsies. “Through accidents, medicines have been invented or people have met the love of their life. That gave us the motivation to let our creativity go wild and create 14 cocktails that link to everyday happy accidents.

“We try to put innovative techniques and new tastes in our drinks so that our guests can have new adventures through taste and texture. We work with fermented ingredients and other techniques in a progressive way, to try to elevate ourselves in every new Clumsies cocktail list.”

Catching a Falling Star

“This cocktail is a taste innovation – we’d never thought that cheddar could pair so perfectly with tangerine,” says Georgakopoulou. “This drink is like a Spicy Margarita, but the taste is out of this world. We fat-wash tequila with cheddar and make a special cordial of tangerines, picked at their best season, and red chilli peppers.”

Don Julio Blanco tequila, cheddar, tangerine, red chilli peppers

To make the tangerine cordial: Peel and juice tangerines at their best and freeze for use when needed. Combine peel, juice, mandarin, peppers and water and cook sous vide.

To make the cheddar tequila: Add a large amount of cheddar cheese to blanco tequila and leave to infuse at room temperature, then freeze overnight. Strain through a coffee filter. Add red chilli pepper tincture.

To make the salt for garnish: Salt and blend tangerine peels and chilli peppers. Dehydrate. Blend again into a fine powder.

Forgetting the Umbrella

Cardhu 12 Year Old single malt, nori, peach mirin, edamame, prickly pear wine

Missing the Train

Tanqueray No. Ten, Otto’s Athens vermouth, caramelised yogurt whey, peaches

Finding a Treasure

Pampero rum blanco, sweet bread kvass, mahlab, almond milk, spiced apricot

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