How one gin brand, packed with Spanish spirit and real strawberries, is taking the UK by storm

09 November, 2022

Puerto de Indias is the market leader in Spain’s strawberry gin segment, and a pioneer in creating the first gin from natural strawberries.

In fact, Puerto de Indias is how the Pink Gin category was born, bringing with it a flavour revolution and a new way of drinking gin.

Puerto de Indias

Having already experienced great success and popularity in Spain, Puerto de Indias is now expanding in the UK market too.

Research shows that fond memories and bronzed bodies aren’t the only thing that British consumers are bringing back from their holidays – it’s the taste for the Spanish spirit too. In fact, a resounding 74% of Brits say they look for gin brands they’ve tried on holiday when they return home[1], to help them extend that ‘holiday feeling’ for longer.

And when asked which Spanish gin brands that they’ve tried abroad they would recommend to friends and family, Puerto de Indias came out top with 37%.

The story of Puerto de Indias    

The story of Puerto de Indias is one of a beautiful accident. Originally, the intention had been to macerate fresh strawberries in alcohol and sell the product to local patisseries.

However, when spring came, the heat in Seville presented a unique opportunity: the pressed strawberries had diluted themselves into the alcohol, colouring it pink.

From there, guided by intuition and passion, came a spirit that no-one had seen before – the original strawberry gin, made completely from natural ingredients.

The story of Puerto de Indias is one, therefore, of reinvention, of taking chances during difficult times and pursuing dreams. It’s an ethos that the brand encourages in its customers, by opening themselves up to difference and distancing themselves from the norm, all in the name of the Spanish spirit. 

The original strawberry gin

Puerto de IndiasThe first tastings of this revolutionary pink gin took place among friends, family and the young people of Carmona and surrounding towns. Its flavour and colour were an instant success.

From there, it gained ground in all the bars of the province of Seville. The restaurants, fairs, everyone wanted to try the strawberry gin. The word of mouth approach and the pink colour of the glass in the photos that consumers uploaded onto social networks were the campaign that boosted the brand.

Made with real strawberries and packed with intense natural flavours, the Puerto de Indias flavour capitalises on consumers’ growing preference for non-artificial flavours. And the Strawberry flavour is a popular choice amongst the Brits, having been voted as the UK’s favourite gin flavour[2], especially amongst the younger demographic, with over half of 18-24-year-olds rating it as their favourite flavour.

New flavours

Along with its iconic Strawberry flavour, Puerto de Indias has recently introduced its popular Blackberry flavour to the UK market, launching at the perfect time to meet demand for autumnal and wintery flavours.

Rich with fruity blackberry notes, combined with hints of violet caramel and a very slight touch of cinnamon, the new flavour is perfect for those looking to enjoy a winter tipple this colder season, that still embodies the Spanish spirit.

Puerto de Indias

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