Santamanía launches first Madrid single malt

12 March, 2019
Mentidero G Edition Archetype

Santamanía Destilería Urbana has released its first single malt whiskies under the name of Mentidero. The brand includes two cask-aged versions: G Edition and Archetype.

G Edition is a single-malt and single-cask whiskey made from Spanish Castilian peated malt, which has been triple distilled in copper stills and aged in Rioja wine oak casks.

Archetype is made in the same way as G Edition, except with unpeated Castilian malt and although half of the whiskey is aged in Rioja barrels, the other half uses ex-Pedro Ximenez casks before being blended together.

Santamanía does not use any additives or colouring, which co-founder and CEO Javier Domínguez believes makes the whiskey good enough to compete with other world whiskey categories.

Domínguez said: “We have developed a range of high-quality whiskies with unique aromas and special hints, that makes Mentidero a whiskey which delivers the flavour of Spain. 

“This is a result of using Spanish ingredients, but also owed to the careful process of distillation and aging. Mentidero represents whiskies that make us proud and could be competing with the best on the international whisky stage.” 


Nick Strangeway

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