International Bulk Wine Competition judges

The panel of judges for this year's competition

International Bulk Wine Competition awards five grand golds

26 November, 2018

The International Bulk Wine Competition, the only competition that recognises the quality of bulk wines from around the world, has awarded five grand gold medals in 2018.

A blind tasting took place yesterday morning (25 November) at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, ahead of the 10th World Bulk Wine Exhibition, and five grand gold medals were awarded to:

A total of 200 wines were judged from 11 countries around the world by a jury of blind tasters which this year consisted of 26 professionals from 20 nationalities including buyers, winegrowers and journalists.

The International Bulk Wine Competition follows guidelines of the OIV and every year promotes the world’s best bulk wines, regardless of their origin, only based on quality criteria.

The primary objective is to make known the virtues of quality bulk wines among purchasers, distributors and consumers, as well as to award the efforts of the winemakers.

Alongside the five wines that won a grand gold medal, 17 wines were also awarded a gold medal from seven different countries around the world including; Australia, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Georgia, France and Chile.


Nick Strangeway


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